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Hello History loving Deviants!- Do you love WWI and WWII history? Do you you love absurd silliness and oddities as well? Well, this club might be for you!

Here's how it works: send me a note on my page :iconadharmageddon:
And I'll send you an invitation which you agree to join and then you should be already a member!

1. I invite you to join

2. Please read the rules (very important!)

3. Contribute art and have fun!!


History is awesome and WWI&WWII is the most interesting in my opinion. Let us share our passion together! Please feel free to join or watch this group.


All Art work must be WWI or WWII related History wise

All artwork must be ORIGINAL (If I HAVE FOUND you have stolen someone else's work, I WILL kick you out of the group. But you can SUGGEST someone else's work, of course with their PERMISSION.

PLEASE NO YAOI/YURI!!! I don't want to see see any of that since there are already groups who allow this. I've seen enough homosexual Hitlers in my lifetime.^^; (I don't care if some of you argue that Hitler was a homosexual,if it is REALLY in history and I do know there real Nazi gays  back then, THEN may you submit it. BUT NONE OF THIS CUTE LOVEY DOVEY HOMO JUNK, I ALWAYS SEE)!! I'M SORRY, BUT THIS IS STRICTLY YAOI/YURI FREE!!!:iconantiyaoi: ( iam not a homophobe, I'm just tired of always seeing yaoi).

NO AXIS POWERS HETALIA!! Even though I'm a fan, I'm getting sick of going onto a WWII fan group and seeing Hetalia crap, everywhere. But original characters YOU HAVE CREATED, is VERY much WELCOMED. I want to see something new in a group!

MUST BE YOUR OWN ART - Screenshots, google picture [from historical person or stars], edit vintage photos, pixalet scans, handyshots - are not allowed.
Doesn't include FanArt [self drawn please]

SHOWING OF SKIN if you have female OCs please no EXPLICIT nudity that is showing of the nipples and no genitalia. AND if your character MUST be nude, DO NOT have the breasts almost fill up the entire deviation, THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. Also if it's a male no showing of genitalia, but a naked chest is acceptable.:)



WICKED WAR: this is where I put the Best of the Best; ONLY I can select these after they've been submitted.

MALE UNIFORMS: I'm someone who loves to see a guy in uniform put your sexy uniformed men in this folder OC uniforms are also acceptable! :D

FEMALE UNIFORMS: From nurses in the war time to stuff from your imagination! Put your uniformed babes OC or non-OC in here!

OTHER WARS/DICTATORS/RULERS: This club is NOT JUST STRICTLY FOR ONLY WWII AND WWI I accept all wars, tyrants, kings, and dictators from different times.

WAR ODDITIES: this is where funny and bizarre stuff gets submitted to

CHIBI: Yes I had to put "chibi folder here, all your cute chibi Hitlers and Stalins go in this folder!:iconchibihitlerplz: :D


                     WORK NOT ACCEPTED, WHY IS THAT?

Q: Why is my Work still not accepted?

A: We all have to work and have a life beside the Internet, right?
So, please understand it can take time to check your work.
Please be patient, as this is a one man job, (right now).

Q: My artwork was declined, what happened?

A: It was the wrong folder [but usually I will tell you to re-submit it]


A: It failed the Quality Check. Sorry. Please Don't try to submit again.
BUT... if you feel there is nothing wrong with your deviation please note me and I'll see what's going on.

Q: How many can I upload?

A:Upload as many as you want! If there is a problem, I will see to it that it be fixed. (It might take me a while to review it)

# General Rules

:bulletred: please respect every member and their works
:bulletwhite: please do not create drama. If you have beef, please note me with your problem.
:bulletblack: this group is for sharing the love for ALL things WWI and WWII (excluding Axis Powers Hetalia), so please no prejudice for the group or their Member/Admins
IF you want to ask the group something, just note me, I'll be glad to answer questions.

* Affiliation
I would like to affiliate my group with yours!
if you want affiliate with my Group, go to your own Group, Click Affiliate and type in my Groupname
Then it just need to be accepted and it's done!

if you have any, please tell me, this group will always try to improve.
Note me if you wish to join! :dummy:

Thankyou, and God bless.:rose:
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